Charity Status

The National RDA is a charity, and each individual RDA Group is a separate registered charity. Each individual group has to be a member of the National RDA which, in addition to giving each group support in so many areas, provides each group with insurance and legal cover. However each individual group is responsible for their own funds and fundraising.  While some groups are actual RDA Centres, which means they own or rent their own premises and ponies, our group are extremely lucky to work within Fletchers Farm Riding School who allow us the use of their indoor riding school.  We need to raise funds to hire the ponies, provide specialised tack, riding hats etc.

So please do support us where you can possibly through one or more of the following:

Colchester RDA Lotto

Buy a number for £20 and you have four chances of winning £100 over the year 1st March to 28th February. If your number in the RDA Lotto is drawn twice or more in one quarter as the bonus ball in the National Lottery you could be a winner. If yours is the only number to come up twice then you win £100. If two numbers or more come up twice then the £100 is shared. If your number comes up three times and someone else`s comes up twice, then the player whose number came up three times takes the winnings, and so on. If no number comes up twice or more in that quarter then the £100 stays in our RDA Group’s funds. If the winning number has not been bought, again the £100 stays with our RDA Group’s funds.

A big thank you to those who have supported the Colchester RDA over the last two years, by playing our LOTTO.  Do buy a number – it might be the next lucky number!!

For more information or to buy a number please email Good luck everyone!!

Awareness Stall and Tombola

We try to raise awareness of our charity by taking a stall at local events, where we talk to people about what we do, displaying some of the items we use, with photos and leaflets.  We often also run a Tombola to raise funds.

Pony Sponsorship

You are welcome to sponsor a pony for £50 a year to help with our expenses.  You will be named on the website or if a business would like to sponsor us, we would be delighted to acknowledge it with an advertisement on our website.

Coffee Mornings

Please do hold a Coffee Morning or similar event to help raise money for our group.

Sponsored Walks/Run/Rides

If you are thinking of doing a sponsored walk, run or ride and are looking for a worthwhile cause, please do consider our group. A few years ago a lady raised £2,000 for us by running the London Marathon and also a man raised over £7,000 by taking part in some form of extreme sports. We are obviously very grateful to anyone who raises money on our behalf.

Supermarket Tokens

Some supermarkets give their customers special coupons to place in a collecting box for the charity of their choice.  The Co-Op Stanway kindly ran this for us on one occasion and it raised sufficient monies to buy much needed new riding hats.  If you are able to encourage your local supermarket to include us in such a scheme we would be very grateful.


Please think of us when writing your will, no matter how large or small, your gift will be greatly appreciated.

All cheques must be made payable to “Colchester RDA”.  We are also able to claim back gift aid so if you are able to participate in this it will obviously be of great benefit to us.  Thank you.