A lady by the name of Catherine Illingworth returned to Colchester Garrison with her husband, Colonel Tim Illingworth. While away she had been introduced to RDA, and had helped for a while at the local centre. A short while after her return she realised that there was no Riding for the Disabled available in the Colchester area, and so an idea was born. She discussed the idea with her husband, who thought that the Colchester Garrison Saddle Club facilities could possibly be made available. So the word spread and about a dozen ladies gathered at Catherine’s home one morning for coffee and a chat, and The Colchester Garrison Riding for the Disabled Group was born. That was 1987.

Fletchers Farm Riding School

Initially we were based at the Colchester Garrison Riding School but when they closed we moved to Fletchers Farm Riding School in Fordham where the Bradshaw family, and their Riding School have made us very welcome and provide us with invaluable, and much appreciated, support and assistance.  They very kindly allow us the use of their Indoor Riding School and we hire four of their ponies each week. Everyone in the yard is friendly and helpful. They also have a walk and trot lesson, which is ideal for the more able children to advance to. All their horses and ponies are well looked after, and well behaved.  Their web site address is:  https://fletchersfarm.co.uk/